Premature ejaculation (PE) carries with it emotional and mental overtones which cannot be overlooked.  In some cases, the condition is brought about by factors which have a largely physical basis.  Many mitigating factors, however, are mental and emotional in character.  Some even find their origin as far back as when the individual was in his teens.

PE is far from life-threatening.  But those who suffer from the condition may, especially during intense humiliation from a fresh encounter with the disability, think or feel otherwise.  The condition does cause great anxiety, humiliation and misery.  It brings pain to the man; it causes extreme frustration on the woman.

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If the situation goes on in a like manner for an extended duration, and the partners do not talk about their personal feelings and thoughts regarding its effects on their personal psyches, the problem may go beyond its physical dimension and result in deep-seated emotional pain.  Premature ejaculation has been known to be the cause of many relationship break-ups.

Matt Gorden’s Ejaculation Trainer Review

Matthew Gorden’s resume shows experience in the exact same fields under which the condition of premature ejaculation may be categorized.  He has received rigid and all-embracing training in the specialized areas of sex-education, therapy-and-counselling, and research. His deep professional interest in the condition has moved him into doing research, and compiling the results of his studies in a program he has appropriately called the Ejaculation Trainer.  To his mind, premature ejaculation is not a condition which you just allow to set the course of your life – or your sex life, in particular.  It is a condition which every single man can overcome – given the right education and training.  It is simply a matter of “re-training” your body’s responses and re-gaining control of your predisposition to” lose control” or ejaculate prematurely.

Gorden has a comprehensive program about the condition.  He starts off by making sure that you understand the grounds by which the condition develops.  There is a wide variety of explanations and it is worthwhile finding out what it is exactly that has made you predisposed to ejaculating prematurely whenever you have sex with your partner.

When you have pinpointed the reason/reasons pertaining to your specific personal case, then you are in a better position to ascertain how to address your problem. Matt works on the premise that if you clearly understand what is happening, the better-able you are to come to grips with it and resolve it.

Boys newly awakened to the sexual pleasure that their bodies can experience are oftentimes inclined to masturbate.  They know, though, that this action is not socially acceptable.  So they often do it in private.  And they try to climax fast so that they do not get found out.  This fast climax may become a learned-response so much so that even in adulthood, and even when engaging in sex with a loved one, the male is “conditioned” to ejaculate immediately.  This pattern may persist even when both partners are now inclined to view it as an unwelcome end to their tryst. There are also cases where premature ejaculation may be rooted in the biological character of man.  Matt Gorden’s seeks to define man by way of his physical/sexual constitution.

After making you recognize the roots of the problem, Matt Gorden does not leave you in a bind.  He then goes on to give you several options you can explore to resolve your problem.  He says upfront that there are no quick fixes available. But there are quite a number of solutions to the problem which have been found to be effective if you have the determination and patience to apply them.  This forthright and candid assessment and attitude strongly suggest that Matt Gorden’ Ejaculation Trainer is no scam.

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