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An evening which seems to guarantee romance, sexual excitement, and ecstasy much too often falls flat on its face because of premature ejaculation.  This is an all-too-common state of affairs because this condition is prevalent among men, whether they admit to it or not.  The man loses it before his partner reaches her climax; the result… loss of face and self-esteem on the part of the male, frustration for his partner.

Although a prevalent situation, few men have the initiative and courage to seek counsel from their peers, or from professionals, for that matter, primarily because of the intimate and somewhat-embarrassing nature of the issue.  It is a topic which hardly calls for discussion over a bottle or two of beers.  Few men, therefore, have a clue that the condition CAN be controlled, and without much difficulty at all.

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Man/woman differences pertaining to reaching their individual climax can be traced to the mental/emotional make-up of the two sexes.  The male specie is gung-ho about the sex act, gets excited right away, and releases quickly.  His female counterpart reacts bit by bit and is likely to appreciate a more leisurely and unhurried pace.  So if you intend to make your woman happy, you have to rein in your sexual instincts.  You have to engage in deliberate and measured foreplay, before thrusting into her, the better to keep yourself in control while helping her get more aroused and bring her to her peak.

Going from the general to the specific, there are several techniques you can use to control ejaculation.

Learn to effectively contract the critical muscles.  You can do this by going through the simple exercise of putting the squeeze on the muscles surrounding your pelvic floor, very similar to what you do when you try to disrupt the urinating process mid-stream.

Your partner can help out in the next technique.  The prostate compresses and swells prior to climax and then releases the ejaculation juice.  If weight is applied on the prostate gland, it holds off the ejaculation.  The perineum which can be found roughly around the center of the scrotum and anus is linked to the prostate. If you ask your partner to acquaint herself with this particular spot and press on it every now and then in pleasantly comforting massaging motions, it will help you put off your ejaculation and, thus, prolong sex.

Another area of interest is the scrotum.  When you are about to ejaculate, this part goes up close to your body.  When you lightly and softly keep the scrotum from rising towards the body, you will be able to put off ejaculation.  You can also request your partner to help you in this technique.

Putting pressure around the head of the penis also serves the same purpose.  This can be done during extended foreplay if you become too aroused for comfort.  It can also be done by interrupting your thrusts during intercourse.  Some men do this during masturbation so they can get a clear grasp on how their body functions during sex-related activities.  Such awareness can help a good deal to understand and manage the different arousal levels you go through during lovemaking.

Another effective strategy for how to delay ejaculation traces its roots to Taoist kung fu.  It is a combination of several movements primarily geared towards re-routing sexual vigor from the penis to the entire body.  This technique calls for you to squeeze the PC muscles tightly, to roll your eyes up, to seek your upper palate with your tongue, while taking and releasing long, deep, relaxing breaths.  These movements help you stay up longer in bed.

Find your way to Premation Ejaculation Treatment