Premature Ejaculation is being overspent before you should be.  It is like joining the marathon, running with all you are capable of in the first few minutes and being unable to finish the race as you should, having expended yourself right at the start. The exact principles laid out here work the same way when you are engaging in sex with your partner.  You do not want to over-spend yourself before the “run” is through; you do not want to ejaculate prematurely until such time that you and your partner are both ready for it. Introducing… The Ejaculation Trainer – Permanently stop premature ejaculation, starting tonight… You have to pace yourself, being attentive to your body and its reactions so that you know when to slow down and recharge, as it were, so that you get to finish what you have set out to do.

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Premature ejaculation is said to affect so many males. But because of its rather intimate nature, many people do not openly talk about it. A man may have premature ejaculation and feel that he, out of so many men out there, has been singled out to bear this very unfortunate and singular situation. He is likely to feel insecure, ashamed, embarrassed.  His shame tends to feed his feelings of insecurity.  Feeling somewhat condemned to suffer his lot, he is not likely to confide in another person. Little does he know that he is not alone with regard to this condition.  Many males have the same problem but are, like him, predisposed to keep the problem to themselves

Many studies and research work have been undertaken to look into the condition – its causes and possible cures. What are some PE treatments available?

The Squeeze Method

When you feel that you are about to climax, request your partner to squeeze the tip of your organ.  The pressure will decrease the sense of urgency to climax. Continue with the foreplay. Every time you feel the need coming up again, apply the squeeze method again. With sufficient application, this will help you ward off ejaculating until you feel it is appropriate to do so already.

Herbal Intervention

Some males seek recourse in herbal supplements believed to boost resilience, heighten sexual interest, and ward off anxieties which are detrimental to performance.  If you decide to go in this direction, seek your doctor’s go-signal just to be on the safe side.

Pills and Creams

There are men who use anti depressant medications which can delay climax. Some apply creams which have a desensitizing effect on the penis — again delaying climax. This premature ejaculation treatment also call for medical advice.

Masturbation/Self-Awareness Technique

This mix employs the use of the start-and-stop technique.  You masturbate while paying keen attention to how your body responds. You decrease the tempo when you feel that you are nearing climax, and increase it again when the urge wanes. There are many benefits inherent in this practice.  It makes you aware of how your body responds to stimuli. This understanding is important.  It will bring you closer to being able to correctly gauge, and eventually to effectively control, your reactions when you are being stimulated. When you have sexual intercourse, this knowledge will stand you in good stead.  If you know how you are responding, then you will know when to curb the “action” and your “reaction” so that you will be able to last through the whole course.


Physical exercise, especially those having to do with the muscles applied in the sexual act, will strengthen your general sense of well-being. Kegel exercises toughen the pubococcygeal muscles – believed to have a direct link to sexual dexterity.

On the other hand, exercises like yoga, Pilates, and other relaxation techniques are also considered effective premature ejaculation treatment.  They strengthen the body-and-mind connection, enhancing the ability to subdue tension.  The relaxed and soothed disposition is promising for a longer staying capacity in bed.

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